7.0 Graduate Certificates & Artist Diploma

7.1 Graduate Certificates & Artist Diploma: General Information

Students may pursue a graduate degree at the University of Memphis after acquiring a graduate certificate. In such cases, they must fulfill all entrance requirements for a graduate degree, including entrance examinations in music history and music theory. A maximum of 15 credits may be transferred from certificate programs to non-related graduate degrees, subject to approval of the graduate program. Moreover, all credits from a certificate program may be transferred to a relevant graduate degree where the entire content of a given certificate could satisfy some of the requirements of a graduate degree. Students in a graduate degree program may not transfer into a graduate certificate program. After successful completion of a graduate program, a student may apply for the certificate program of their choice. No hours from any degree will apply to a graduate certificate.

7.2 Graduate Certificate & Artist Diploma: Outlines & Certificate Plans 

Artist Diploma
The School of Music offers a graduate-level Artist Diploma in the conducting, voice, and instrumental areas for very advanced performers seeking a highly specialized training for a professional career. International students can, in consultation with their advisory, take the following two courses and apply it to the Approved Studies requirement:

  • ENGL 6500 - Language Skills for International Students (3 cr.)
  • AUSP 6001 - Accent Modification (1 cr.)

Click on the following link for a planning sheet for coursework in the Artist Diploma program: Artist Diploma Certificate Plan

Vocology Certificate
The Certificate in Vocology seeks to further educate singing teachers in the scientific underpinnings of excellent vocal technique. By integrating the School of Music's graduate vocal pedagogy coursework with two courses from the University of Memphis's acclaimed Speech-Language Pathology curriculum, students will gain expertise and knowledge that will enhance their capabilities as voice teachers.

Click on the following link for a planning sheet for coursework in the Vocology program: Vocology Certificate Plan