Sanjay Mishra Group Members

Current Students

  • Dipesh Neupane, Engineering Physics PhD candidate (Garnet Magnetocaloric material)

  • M. Farhan Azim, Physics PhD candidate (nanostructured oxide supercapacitors)

  • J. Sultana, Physics PhD candidate (Perovskite magnetocaloric material)

Past Group Members

  • Snigdha Roy, PhD candidate in Biochemistry, University of Tennessee, Memphis

  • Joe Losby, PhD candidate 2013, University of Alberta, Research Associate at Institute for Quantum Science and Technology, University of Calgary and Chief Scientist at Phase Advanced Sensor Systems

  • Howard Lewis, Research Scientist, Brothers Inc, Memphis

  • Ryan Marson, PhD, University of Michigan, Senior Research Specialist at The Dow Chemical Company

  • Vijayalakshmi Malagareddy, High School teacher in South Carolina

  • Kiran Lingam, PhD 2013, North Carolina State University

  • Sunil Karna, PhD 2013, University of Alabama, Faculty at Union College, KY

  • Heng Luo, PhD, Boston University

  • Tilak Dahakal, PhD, Rice University

  • Binod Rai, PhD, Rice University, Staff Scientist at Savannah River National Laboratory

  • Santosh Sapkota, PhD, North Eastern University

  • Madan Lamichanne, PhD, University of Notre Dam

  • Ganesh Pokhra, PhD, University of Tennessee, Knoxville, PostDoc at UC Santa Barbara

  • Jibanath Dahal, PhD, University of California, Merced, Faculty at Verginia Union University

  • Mohammed Shahabuddin, PhD, University of Delaware

  • Lijia Wang, PhD, University of Memphis,

  • Dom Lal Kunawar, PhD, Kent State University, OH

  • Hitesh Adhikari, MS 2018, PhD candidate at University of North Texas

  • Deepa Guragain, MS, 2020, PhD candidate at UT-Arlington

  • S C Bhandari, MS, 2020, PhD candidate at University of North Texas

  • Surendra Dhungana, MS, 2021