Public Health Magazine, Winter 2023

Dr. Ashish Joshi

I am delighted to share with you all our Winter 2023 edition of the RE-AIM Public Health IDEAS magazine highlighting the student-centric approach of the University of Memphis School of Public Health. The school aims to deliver high-quality and cutting-edge educational programs that are both affordable and accessible. 

We are strongly committed to implementing student-centric initiatives that are data driven, evidence-informed and based on students’ needs. We strive to foster opportunities to create exceptional and successful learning experiences, leadership opportunities and personal and professional growth for our students. 

In the last year, a wide-range of student-centric initiatives have been implemented in the School of Public Health including: APHA memberships for all SPH students; scholarships for incoming graduate students; teaching assistantships for doctoral students; support for student travel to present at national conferences, such as the American Public Health Association (APHA) Annual Meeting & Expo; and our launch of a new public health ambassador initiative that provides students with opportunities to develop leadership skills and engage with diverse community partners and stakeholders.

To raise awareness of public health among local high school students and introduce them to public health as a possible career field, we launched our public health model for high schools including a School of Public Health dual enrollment program, public health clubs in numerous high schools and organized a public health hackathon initiative that will generate new out-of-the-box ideas to solve public health challenges of the 21st century. 

High schools can play a critical role in reducing adolescent health risks through the delivery of effective public health education and in helping students decide how they would like to participate in the workforce.

Based on the results of our recent current student survey, the SPH has enhanced its school-wide communication through weekly and monthly e-mails, social media outlets, regular website updates and the launch of our new SPH magazine, now in its third issue. Furthermore, students suggested the need to have more networking events, getting information on field placements and becoming more aware of the various research opportunities both within and outside of the school.

In response to this feedback, the SPH has established offices of REAP: Recruitment and Admissions, Enrollment and Advisement, Assessment and Institutional Effectiveness, Practicum and Experiential Learning and hired a dedicated coordinator for each. These offices are already working to support students along with providing them with information on field/practicum placements and various public health career opportunities.

We have also organized several events such as: back to school socials, student orientation, Friendsgiving, an end of the year holiday party and more. These different events are not only enjoyable, but they facilitate networking and enhance interactions among students, alumni, faculty and staff.

As a School of Public Health, we are strongly committed to ensuring a quality student experience beyond the classroom. 



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