Our Mission

The Office of the Registrar supports the missions of both the University of Memphis and its Enrollment Services Division by: preserving, managing, and distributing accurate student academic records to ensure the integrity of the University of Memphis degree; reinforcing the student educational experience; and providing efficient services and reliable information to all its client communities.

Our Values

The Office of the Registrar strives to perform its mission in accordance with the values below.


Respect co-workers and customer populations--their perspectives and experiences, and their different cultures and heritages.

Responsible Stewardship

Think outwardly. Consider the impact that changes in our own procedures and processes will have on the performance and resources of other University offices and on our customer populations. Effectively communicate policies and procedures to students, faculty, administrators, and staff. Make the best use of everyone’s resources—staff, time, budget, and equipment.

Integrity and Forthrightness

Balance our roles of student advocate and University agent by applying established University policies and procedures in a manner that is fair and honest to each student while being true to the integrity of the University’s product—education and academic credentials, especially, degrees and transcripts. Adhere to AACRAO’s Code of Ethics.


Strive for quality by regularly improving our procedures, tasks, and customer service; aim for precision and accuracy in our record-keeping and data management; be innovative in process development and redesign, embracing new technologies when appropriate, with a focus on enhancing efficiency, effectiveness, and service.