Process Improvements for Academic Systems and Student Support

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  • Immunization records and full-time registration – Students will no longer have to provide all required immunization records before being allowed to register for full time hours. This will be a huge help to New Student Orientation so they can register students into all of their needed classes even if the student may need more time to acquire their immunization records. Students will be required to provide all immunization records before the first day of classes. We learned that most schools across the state have already decoupled immunization requirements from registration since this is an enrollment barrier and can be stressful to students.

  • Preferred name – After Spring 2023 grading, Canvas will be switched to show preferred name for students and faculty. Starting for first part of term Summer, preferred name will be used on Banner grading rosters. Starting in July, preferred name will be an option for U of M ID cards. Email display now defaults to preferred name. See more information on preferred name and usage. Preferred name is being used across the state of Tennessee and beyond at most schools now since students will feel more connected being called by a name they prefer (a nickname, a middle name they use as a first name, and so many more reasons).

  • Pronouns – Students can provide their pronouns by completing the personal pronoun request form and providing to the Registrar’s Office.

  • Banner 9 SSB faculty grading – Banner 9 SSB Faculty grading will be rolled out this Summer at the end of first summer part of term. The Registrar’s Office will be sending out instructions and information. It is a more modernized tool and it has some added features that should help make grading easier. More information forthcoming. Preferred name will show on the grading roster and will match what instructors see in Canvas.

  • Canvas grade upload to Banner – This is currently being tested by IT and the Registrar’s Office staff. Faculty will be able to upload final grades from Canvas into Banner if they choose to do so. We hope to have this rolled out by end of Summer or end of Fall for grading.

  • Incomplete grading – We have extended the window for incomplete grading to give students more time to complete their coursework before receiving a failing grade. This puts us in line with our peer institutions and supports student success. Undergraduate and graduate students will have until the end of the next major term to complete their coursework before receiving a failing grade. This cuts down on faculty needing to provide extensions. Students with an incomplete for Spring and Summer will have until the end of Fall to complete their coursework. Students with an incomplete grade for Fall will have until the end of Spring. The Registrar’s Office has automated this process, which frees up time for new advancements and projects.

  • Last day to drop classes online was changed from 50% to 75% point of term – We have extended the window when students can drop their classes online from the 50% mark to the 75% mark. Students receive midterm grades at approximately the 50% point of the term and it has been stressful for students to know whether they should drop the class or remain. Moving the window allows students more time to discuss with their advisor and weigh out the best option. This frees up department time from having to do as many paper late withdrawals since students can do it themselves. This also puts us more in line with our peer institutions.

  • Summer full-time status – Summer term is shorter and it can be difficult for students who need full time enrollment in the Summer to take the required hours. The full-time status requirement for Summer term has been reduced to six hours for Undergraduate and Graduate students starting Summer 2023. The Undergraduate and Graduate catalogs are currently being updated to reflect this change.  This change does not affect Financial Aid rules and regulations.

  • Academic Fresh Start – The one-year time limit was removed so students are not at a disadvantage when submitting an Academic Fresh Start application if they did not know the program existed. Students who have an Associate’s degree are now eligible if the four year separation from another institution exists. View full details on Academic Fresh Start.

In Progress

  • Transfer committee – The transfer committee has compiled the policies and processes of transfer work and are working on creating audience-specific documents such as training manuals for advisors, websites for students so they can be aware of what policies exist that can help them. A policy will be drafted. Information coming soon.

  • Continual Slate Development – The Slate implementation and continued development will help with timing and clarity of information disseminated to students by integrating messaging university-wide.

  • Banner security process improvement – There is a Process Improvement for the security process to become easier for all.

  • Credit by exam – A call out was done in February for all possible credit by exam options. A website will be developed soon and a process overhaul is in the future.

  • Academic standing – UG and GR academic standing will be re-worked to improve accuracy and efficiency.

  • Repeat processing – Changes to GR repeat processes under review.