A summer Conference Assistant (CA) is a student employed by the Department of Residence Life to live on campus and work up to 27.5 hours a week, in addition to a 10-hour stipend, as part of a summer staff team. Conference Assistants must be mature students and are selected based on leadership experience and the knowledge of campus. CAs are responsible for a floor that houses guests as well as any buildings used for Conference Housing. The CA directly reports to the Conference Coordinators and Assistant Directors of Residence Life and Dining Services.

Dates of Employment:

May 11 - August 14, 2020


  • Staff 24-hour Conference Housing desk. Work assigned desk shifts as necessary. The work schedule will be determined in advance and will include evening and weekend work as determined by the conference schedule.
  • Staff check-in and check-out of Conference Housing guests including distribution and collection of keys.
  • Inspect rooms to insure preparation before group arrival and after group departure.
  • Work with Housekeeping Staff to ensure satisfactory preparation of facilities.
  • Assist in preparation of conference information materials and paperwork.
  • Ensure completion of registration paperwork by Conference Housing guests.
  • Advise Assistant Directors and Conference Coordinators of all phases of conference daily activities.
  • Evaluate conferences indicating problems and concerns, as well as positive feedback.
  • Be available in the residence halls for scheduled duty nights.
  • Respond to emergency situations.
  • Assist Assistant Directors and Conference Coordinators with other duties as required.
  • Present a good image of the University of Memphis by means of a tidy appearance, a pleasant and helpful disposition, and a positive attitude and responsive action.


  • Must be a student enrolled at The University of Memphis.
  • Must have a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.25
  • Must live in assigned residence hall during summer months. As a live-in staff member, the conference assistant will be expected to be accessible in person and/or by telephone to handle questions, respond to emergency situations, and perform other administrative tasks as required.
  • Must utilize room phone and voicemail provided as work contact.
  • Flexible hours to coincide with conference schedule.
  • Must wear appropriate conference attire.
  • May only take one summer school class per session. Preference may be given to those who are not enrolled in summer school.


  • Stipend of $1,160.00
  • Plus an hourly rate of $7.25 for hours worked at the desk, not to exceed 27.5 hours per week.
  • Free room

If you have any further questions about the Summer Conference Assistant position or about Summer Conference Housing, please call 678-2295.


Applications open: December 2
Applications due: January 31
Interviews: February 10 - February 17


Each CA application must also have 3 online reference submissions. (Note: family members and friends may not complete a reference form)

Applications closed.