Residence Life Student Employment Positions

Conference Assistant (CA)

Conference Assistants are University of Memphis students selected as live-in staff in the residence halls used for Summer Conference Housing. Their primary responsibilities include staffing each front desk, checking guests in and out, familiarizing guests with university policies and procedures, and serving as resource persons. They are the front line staff of the Conference Housing operation. There is at least one Conference Assistant on duty every night in each hall in addition to the Conference Assistant available at the front desk.

Laundry Assistant (LA)

Laundry Assistants work May thru August with the Summer Conference Housing operations to ensure departmental linen is available as requested by our Conference Housing guests. The Laundry Assistants work with the Housekeeping and Conference Housing staff members completing linen preparation.

Desk Assistant (DA)

Desk Assistants are an essential link in the security and communication channels of a hall. They cannot perform these tasks without consistent information and support from the hall staff. It is important for the desk worker to know who is "on duty" and their location at all times.

Facility Assistant (FA)

Changing light bulbs, and smoke detector batteries. Replacing window screens, moving furniture and other heavy items. Doing minor patchwork to walls/drywalls and /or painting students rooms and other public areas within the Residence Halls. Power-washing of the outside of the buildings, picking up supplies for various staff members, and some general maintenance. Other duties as assigned.

Student Office Assistant (SOA)

The Residence Life Student Office Assistant will work up to 20 hours per week as a part of the Residence Life main office team in Centennial Place. Employees will be chosen based on communication skills, work experience, customer service, leadership and knowledge of campus. The Student Office Assistant will be responsible for helping maintain the front desk area and provide customer service for walk-in guests and via telephone. The SOA will report directly to the Residence Life Supervisor. 

Resident Advisor (RA)

Resident advisors are selected based on leadership experience, hall residency, scholarship, and desire to help fellow residents realize their opportunities for self-development through group living. RAs are responsible for a floor or apartment unit housing approximately 50 residents and report directly to the Residence Life Coordinator.


ResTechs are Information Technology support technicians assisting departmental LSPs. Some of their duties are configuring computers, multi-function printers, servers, network cameras, webpage development, programming, menu board systems, electronic key access systems; installing standard and special software on workstations and laptops; troubleshooting and/or repairing on-campus housing residents' laptops, computers, printers and mobile phones.


Students must maintain a 2.25 GPA to be considered for the Conference Assistant, Laundry Assistant, and Resident Advisor positions.
Students must maintain a 2.00 GPA to be considered for the Desk Assistant and Facility Assistant, and ResTech positions.