SGA Travel Funding Guidelines

    1. These guidelines apply to undergraduate students at The University of Memphis. Eligibility for Student Government Association travel funds depends on the following:
      • Fall/Spring semester travel: you must be an enrolled student during the semester in which you travel.
      • Summer semester travel: you must be an enrolled student during the spring semester preceding your travel.
      • If you have graduated, you are NOT eligible for Student Government Association travel funds, this includes any summer travel that may occur in the term immediately following your graduation.
    2. Incomplete applications may not be considered for travel.
    3. All travelers must complete the RELEASE OF LIABILITY AND HOLD HARMLESS AGREEMENT prior to travel.
    4. All travel fund applications must be submitted at least 15 business days in advance of the departure date for domestic travel and 8 weeks prior to the departure date for international travel or travel outside of the continental US. Applicants are encouraged to adhere to priority deadlines for maximum travel funding.
    5. Students are only eligible for funding once per fiscal year (July to June) at a maximum of $800 per traveler.
    6. You must be present at the SGA Finance Committee hearing at which your request is heard. You will be contacted by the SGA Coordinator to schedule an appointment for the meeting. This meeting is mandatory and their decision is final, there is no appeal process.
    7. The only expenes covered on those supported by the University of Memphis travel policy BF4001 which must be specifically identified and itemized in the travel fund application.
    8. SGA travel funds are awarded as a reimbursement after the travel is completed and there shall be no retroactive funding requests for a trip that has already taken place.
    9. Group travel is allocated per person.
    10. Funding for lodging will be based on the Per Diem rate + tax. To find out of state per diem rate visit https://www.memphis.edu/accounting/travel.php
      • Stays at Conference Hotel will be reimbursed at per diem rate and not at conference rate for both out of state and Tennessee hotels.
    11. An application must meet one of the following criteria to be considered:
      • Students or organizations making academic presentations (i.e. papers, speeches, or other activities deemed appropriate by the committee) that will bring positive recognition to The University of Memphis.
      • Students or organizations attending leadership conventions (i.e. regional or national conferences, etc.) that will bring positive recognition to the University of Memphis or will enhance the quality of leadership for the University of Memphis.
    12. SGA will not consider funding travel that meets the following criteria:
      • The primary purpose of the trip is to seek employment.
      • International travel for study abroad, including intensive language study or as part of experience/training for teacher certifications.
      • The travel relates to a student’s academic work with the Rudi Scheidt School of Music.
      • The travel is intended to conduct an individual’s dissertation research.
    13. International Travel must comply with all Center for International Programs and Services policies and procedures found at https://www.memphis.edu/cies/. Student must also register details about their international trip here: https://www.memphis.edu/abroad/students/index.php (Click on "SGA Travel Registration" in the menu on the left). Students who do not register with the Center for International Programs and Services, have the appropriate insurance, and/or travel to a country or region with a travel warning will not receive travel funding.  Students traveling outside of the continental US are required to complete a travel worksheet https://www.memphis.edu/accounting/xls/travel_worksheet.xls.
    14. Travel funds are not available to faculty/staff members of the university who do not pay a student activity fee. 


Contact SGA Travel for inquiries about Undergraduate and Lambuth related travel.

Contact GSA Travel for all Graduate & Law related inquiries.