Post Hearing Procedures - Undergraduate Individual Travelers

  1. Once funding is approved by SGA, the requestor will be notified via e-mail. The trip must be coordinated with the SGA Coordinator and all university procedures and policies must be followed.
  2. The student submitting the application is responsible for completing all required University paperwork.
  3. If the student cannot attend the trip or chooses not to use the funding awarded they must notify SGA Coordinator prior to the trip. Funds may not be diverted to another trip.
  4. Upon return from the trip, a travel claim must be completed with the SGA Coordinator within ten (10) business days of completion of travel. This requires all original receipts from your trip.
    • Receipts should be in student's name.
    • If you purchase airfare and hotel online, you must provide separate receipts for each. Airfare and hotel cannot be bundled even if the bundle provides a less expensive price.
    • Lodging receipts must be itemized by the lodging facility showing a zero balance.
  5. Travel claims may be completed every Monday and Tuesday between 1 and 3pm in the SGA Coordinator's office. Failure to complete travel claim(s) for reimbursement within the ten (10) business day allocated time frame will result in forfeiture of SGA travel funding/reimbursement.