SGA Travel Funding Procedures

  • Submit online application.
  • Receive email confirmation within 48 hours of submission with a prompt to schedule your hearing date.
  • Attend travel hearing with SGA Finance Committee.
  • Receive email within 48 hours of travel hearing which will include funding amount.
  • If funded, complete required steps including the submission of a release of liability and hold harmless agreement for all travelers.
  • Complete all post-trip funding procedures.

Travel Receipt Tips

  • The receipt should indicate the business name and date of purchase.
  • The receipt should be itemized and show specifically what was purchased, how much, and the price paid for each item.
  • Food/meal receipts are not needed. Meals are reimbursed using a per diem (specific amount per day, calculated based on your travel destination).
  • If you drove a personal vehicle, gas receipts are not needed, however we recommend keeping a copy. If you rented a car, both gas receipts and your rental receipt is required for reimbursement.
  • Hotel receipts must show the price paid per day, and all fees and costs included in the price. Your hotel receipt should show a $0 balance, indicating the full price was paid.
  • We cannot accept bank statements as receipts because this does not tell specifically what was purchased or how much. You can send a bank statement, but a confirmation or receipt that indicates specifically what was purchased must also be provided. Please mark out all personal information on the bank statement except the name of the person who owns the account, their address, and the line on the statement that indicates the transaction was completed.
  • The receipt must indicate that a payment was processed and the transaction was completed. The payment method should be stated ("cash", "check", or last 4 digits of card). If it isn't clear that a transaction was completed and funds were exchanged, please provide a bank statement, in addition to the receipt, in order to show a transaction was processed.
  • We must reimburse the person who actually made the purchase, or that person needs to give us written permission to reimburse you. For example, if a parent purchased your plane ticket, we must reimburse your parent. Additional steps will be needed in order to process a reimbursement for an individual who is not a student. If another individual paid for your expenses, please settle this expense before requesting reimbursement from SGA.
  • Do not provide a screen shot or snip it of your receipt. Provide the entire document that was e-mailed or given to you. A picture of the receipt is ok, as long as the entire page is captured in the picture.
  • We cannot reimburse purchases that were paid using points or other types of reward programs. Actual money must be used.
  • If an expense was shared, please complete a Group Reimbursement Statement to fully document how the expense was reimbursed. Reimbursement for shared expenses should be settled within the group before seeking reimbursement from SGA. SGA will not split individual award funds between students in order to settle shared expenses.


Contact SGA Travel for inquiries about Undergraduate and Lambuth related travel.

Contact GSA Travel for all Graduate & Law related inquiries.