Bachelor of Art in Social Work-School Social Work Concentration

The mission of the Bachelor of Arts degree in social work is to prepare students for entrance into the profession of social work as beginning level generalist practitioners.
The purpose of the School Social Work concentration is to prepare students for generalist practice in a school setting.  At the end of the program, students will be
qualified to be a Licensed Baccalaureate Social Work (LBSW) and  Licensed School Social Worker (LSSW).

Degree Requirements

Admission to the university will allow students to choose Academic Focus - Social Sciences in place of their major.  Progression to the major of social work with a school
social work concentration will occur only after the student successfully completes the following courses with a minimum grade of "C-".
·         SWRK 2010 Introduction to Social Work
·         SWRK 2011 Writing for Social Work

Students should have a minimum of 30 hours completed, including ENGL 1020, ANTH 1200, and two courses from the following list: SOCI 1010; PSYC 1030; POLS 1030; or ECON 2020 prior to registering for the introductory social work courses, SWRK 2010, and SWRK 2011.

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BA School Social Work License

In addition to the BA Social Work major requirements for the University of Memphis, students can also seek the School Social Work license at the BA level.
For more detailed information regarding the BA Licensure Program, visit the Undergraduate Licensure page

BA in Social Work Curriculum

Freshman Year          
ENGL 1010    3 ENGL 1020    3
MATH*   3-4 PHIL 1611   3
ANTH 1200   3 Humanities*   3
Foreign Language/B.A.   3 Foreign Language/B.A.   3
Elective   3 SWRK 2010   3
Semester Totals   15-16 hrs     15 hrs

Sophomore Year            
ENGL 2201 or 2202   3 History*   3
Social and Behavioral Sciences*   3 SWRK 3902   3
SWRK 2011   3 Fine Arts   3
BIOL 1010/1011   4 BIOL 1020/1021   4
SWRK 3010   3 SWRK 3920   3
Semester Totals   16 hrs     16 hrs

Junior Year            
SWRK 3903   4 SWRK 3904   3
Social Science*   3 COMM 2381   3
SOCI 3311   3 SPED 2000   3
SWRK 3930   3 SWRK 3906   3
SOCI 3422   3 SPED 3803   3
Semester Totals   16 hrs     15 hrs

Senior Year            
SWRK 4830   3 SWRK 4831   4
SWRK 4840    3 Elective   3
SWRK 4937   3 SWRK 4841   3
Concentration Elective   3 Elective   2
Elective   3      
Semester Totals   15 hrs     12 hrs

Total Hours: 120-120

Total Hours Required for Graduation: 120 (42 of these hours must be upper division credits)

*Must satisfy University General Education Program Requirement

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 Tuition and Fees

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 Contact Us

The social work office is located in 226 McCord Hall. The general contact information for administrators of the program is as follows:

School Chair Susan Neely-Barnes, PhD (901) 678-3438 snlybrns@memphis.edu
Program Coordinator Kenya Anderson (901) 678-3400 kconley@memphis.edu
Field Director Danielle Seemann   dswatson@memphis.edu
Academic Advisor Morganne Austin-Dotson   maustin@memphis.edu
Administrative Assistant Chau Le  (901) 678-2616 ctle@memphis.edu