Alternatives to Hazing

There are many ways to build community and teach new members about your organization that do not involve any form of hazing. You can make the new member process challenging and positive by examining your organizations core principles and values.

Still not convinced that there are better ways to build unity, scholarship, and tradition? Consider this: you have graduated from the University of Memphis and on the first day of your new job your boss puts a pillow case over your head, has you and others stand in a line, yells at your that you are not worthy to be a member of this company, asks you to drink gallons of water, and then tells you that you may not enter the company headquarters through the front door? Do you feel welcomed, valued, and happy to be there? It's time to find alternatives to hazing.

Various agencies around the city of Memphis offer a variety of programs that can be used for team building including Memphis Escape Rooms, Bridges, and Shelby Farms. Additional Student Leadership & Involvement has a variety of staff that can provide team building activities and workshops.

Resources for alternate activities