Parent Resources

Parents may find themselves in a difficult position if their son or daughter calls them and shares about their new or potential member experience with a campus organization. Your student may be concerned about hazing or might not even identify the experience as hazing. Yet, you as the parent are uncomfortable with what you've been told. Your student may ask you not to say anything because s/he doesn't want anyone to "get into trouble" or "it will only get worse for me if you inform UofM."

Your student's safety is far more important than any campus organization. Please contact Student Leadership & Involvement at studentinvolvement@memphis.edu or 901.678.8679 to report your concerns. You may report your concerns anonymously or confidentially. Please understand that we must have the name of the organization if we are to take any action. Don't be a bystander, take an active role in eradicating hazing from UofM's campus.