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 Accounts at the UofM


Service Description: 

UofM accounts provide faculty, staff, students and guests access to a variety of technology resources and online services. Account owners are issued a Universal User ID (UUID) and password necessary to access University resources.

Who may request (or are eligible) for this service? 

Active faculty, staff and students are required to have a UofM account. Emeritus faculty are also eligible to maintain a account. University guests are eligible for a sponsored account upon request from a full-time faculty or staff member.

How to Request Service?

For students, UofM accounts are automatically generated upon admission to the University.  For faculty and staff, accounts are generated upon hire. For emeritus faculty and University guests, sponsored accounts are generated upon receipt of proper documentation. For information about requesting a sponsored account, visit the Sponsored Accounts page of the Service Catalog.

What Information is Needed to Fulfill the Service Request?  

Accounts are automatically generated when a department (e.g., HR, Registrar or Provost) assigns a role (e.g., faculty, staff, student) to a new or returning member in the University's system. For sponsored accounts, the sponsor must provide the information listed in the Sponsored Accounts documentation.