computer  Computer, Peripherals, and Hardware

Data: Creation of storage shares


Service Description: 

An ITS employee can provide assistance in the creation and installation of a network drive folder on your university owned desktop. Features of this storage include: daily backups, quota of 2 GB per user.  Support SMB and NFS protocols. Additional shares for departmental sharing purposes can also be created after analysis by an ITS employee.   

Who may request (or are eligible) for this service? 

Requests can be made by Faculty or Staff.

How to Request Service?

To request assistance, please submit an online service request. 

What Information is Needed to Fulfill the Service Request?  

When entering your request, be sure to include your affiliation, contact number and your building and room number. Please indicate if you are requesting a personal storage space or departmental share. Your LSP will notify you when this request has been completed.