question  General Questions

What is TopDesk?


Service Description: 

TopDesk is an Incident Management system the University uses (https://helpdesk.memphis.edu) that enables you to submit, review, and get help resolving technical issues. TopDesk maintains a complete record of the actions, communications, attached files, and their associated date and time stamps. You can communicate directly with ITS staff members who are assigned to complete the work on the issue.

Who may request (or are eligible) for this service? 

Active faculty, students, and staff.

How to Request Service?

To request service, you create incident requests when a client reports an issue or requesting a service. These requests include a request for a password change, a new network extension, etc. For additional help and support, please contact the umTech Service Desk at 901.678.8888 or please submit an online service request at (https://helpdesk.memphis.edu).

What Information is Needed to Fulfill the Service Request?  

Select the appropriate tile. Where applicable, select the appropriate subcategory tile. Enter the necessary information and click Submit.