Latin Placement Test

The Latin Placement Test is required for students who have taken Latin at the high school level within the last three years and want to continue studying it at UofM. If it has been more than three years since you took Latin, you may still take the placement test and place above the 1010 level.  Remember: it is in your interest to place at the highest level possible. If you have a requirement of 4 courses (up to the 2020 level) of a foreign language and you are able to start at the 2010 level, you can finish this requirement in 2 semesters and receive retroactive credits.  Please give the test your best effort. If you place higher or lower than you think is right, please sign up for the level you place in any way.  Then, talk to your instructor after the first few classes and we can make adjustments as needed. We want you to succeed!

Tests are administered to students by Rita Pasqui, rpasqui@memphis.edu.