Japanese Minor

Course numbers and descriptions are the same as for Japanese Major; however, for a Japanese Minor, students must take eighteen hours (JAPN1020, JAPN2010, JAPN2020 and nine upper-division hours). After completion of JAPN2020, it is highly recommended that students take JAPN3301 and 3302 as these courses are prerequisites for other upper-division courses. Students may take JAPN3301 or 3302 and another upper-division course at the same time.  To declare Japanese Minor, please contact your academic advisor of your major.

JAPN 1020 - Elementary Japanese II (3)
Further development of basic skills fundamental to language proficiency and culture. PREREQUISITE: JAPN 1010, or equivalent.

JAPN 2010 - Intermediate Japanese I (3)
Continued development of listening, speaking, reading and writing skills. PREREQUISITE: JAPN 1020, or equivalent.

JAPN 2020 - Intermediate Japanese II (3)
Expansion of Japanese skills with more extensive listening comprehension practice and readings. PREREQUISITE: JAPN 2010, or equivalent.