Computational and Theoretical Chemistry

Faculty members with active research

Will Alexander William A. Alexander
Assistant Professor
Office: SM 225   Phone: 2632          e-mail:

Nathan J. DeYonker Nathan J. DeYonker 
Research Scientist
Office: SM 411    Phone: 2029        e-mail:

 Don Franceschetti Donald R. Franceschetti
University Professor
Office: MN 328   Phone: 5257        e-mail:

Henry Kurtz Henry A. Kurtz
Office: SM 421   Phone: 3067

 Abby Parrill Abby L. Parrill
Professor and Associate Dean
Office: SM 407/SC 108 Phone:3371 e-mail:

 Yongmei Wang Yongmei Wang
Office: SM 419   Phone: 2629      e-mail: