Hearing Aid Research

Hearing Research

Audiologic Rehabilitation Laboratory

Directed by David J. Wark, Ph.D., research  in the Audiologic Rehabilitation Laboratory focuses on the identification and remediation of the communication difficulties experienced by individuals with hearing impairment. Of particular interest is the study of those psychosocial variables which may impact successful communication.

Auditory Cognitive Neuroscience Laboratory

The Auditory Cognitive Neuroscience Laboratory 

directed by Gavin M. Bidelman, Ph.D. uses a coordinated blend of techniques to decipher the neural basis of complex auditory perception. These techniques include evoked potentials, computational modeling, and psychoacoustics.  Current projects are focused on understanding the neurocomputations involved in generating basic psychoacoustic phenomena and during music and speech listening. Complementary work examines the neuroplasticity induced by listening experience and training (e.g. music lessons, bilingualism) and how these influences positively affect listening skills.

Auditory Electrophysiology Laboratory

Directed by Herbert Jay Gould, Ph.D., the Auditory Electrophysiology Laboratory conducts studies concerning the integrity of the auditory system at brainstem, mid brain and cortical levels. Studies are designed to distinguish patterns of electrical activity associated with speech perception in both normal and communication disordered children and adults.

Hearing Aid Research Laboratory

Directed by Jani Johnson, Au.D., Ph.D., the Hearing Aid Research Laboratory  research involves the development and evaluation of diagnostic and remediation procedures to overcome disablements associated with hearing loss. Issues studied include the improvement of hearing aid fitting protocols, measurement of the help provided by hearing aids, and the development of clinical tools for facilitating rehabilitation.

Speech Perception Assessment Laboratory

Directed by Lisa Lucks Mendel, Ph.D., research in the Speech Perception Assessment Laboratory focuses on accurate assessment of speech perception by individuals with normal hearing and individuals with hearing impairment. The tools and procedures used to assess speech perception are evaluated for their validity and reliability in various listening situations.