First-Year Writing Resources

Student Resources

The Purdue Owl
The most comprehensive website of its kind, full of information to help writers write more effectively. Its MLA guidelines and examples are especially helpful.

The University of Iowa Writing Center
A resource for writers about how to tackle the writing process and all that it embodies. It offers help with writing processes, grammar and punctuation, research and citations, ESL issues, and more.

Illinois Valley Community College - Integrating Quotes into Sentences
Explains and provides examples of different ways to embed quotations into sentences. A video explains how to cite quotations, perfect for students who like video learning.

Cornell University Olin and Uris Libraries - How to Read Citations Video
A one-minute YouTube video explaining how to read citations.

Instructor Resources

Florida State University First Year Composition
A rich bank of classroom exercises and activities.

The University of Nebraska-Lincoln Graduate TA Handbook
Full of information for instructors, especially those new to teaching, on different aspects of teaching, such as how to start discussions, build rapport, etc.

The University of New Hampshire Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning
A list of sites particularly helpful for writing instructors: practical advice, teaching tips, and basic problem solving; strategies for discussion-based teaching; technology in the classroom; etc.

The University of New Hampshire Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning on International Students
Resources specifically for faculty and TAs teaching international or foreign students.

The University of Minnesota Center for Teaching and Learning
Organized into categories regarding a wide array of issues in the writing classroom. Contains a link to their TILT (Techniques in Learning and Teaching) blog about creative, effective lectures, teaching techniques, and more.

Departmental Resources
Instructor Handbook
Attendance Policy Form
Plagiarism Policy Form
Teacher Absence Form
End of Semester Packet Form