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The Professional Writing Concentration is designed to teach students to write in industry, government, technology, and scientific disciplines. Its courses emphasize writing and editing to achieve specific purposes and address specific audiences, producing different types of documents, including instruction manuals, reports, and proposals, and using writing as a tool for learning.

In addition to the English Major requirements and electives, Professional Writing students must complete 12 hours within the concentration using the following guidelines:
  • ENGL 3601 Technical and Professional Writing
  • ENGL 3602 Professional Editing
  • One course from:
    • ENGL 4618 Document Design
    • ENGL 4619 Web Design/Online Writing
  • One course from:
    • ENGL 3604 Persuasive Writing
    • ENGL 4101-4109 Special Topics in English (only in Professional Writing)
    • ENGL 4602 Advanced Composition
    • ENGL 4606-4615 Topics in Advanced Technical Writing
    • ENGL 4618 Document Design
    • ENGL 4619 Web Design/Online Writing


Recent Course Offerings

History of RhetoricTechnical and Professional WritingPersuasive WritingAdvanced Composition: Risky Writing
(Left to right: History of Rhetoric; Technical and Professional Writing; Multimodal Persuasive Writing; Advanced Composition: Risky Writing)


See the Undergraduate Catalog - English (B.A.) for a complete list of degree requirements.

Professional Writing Coordinator:
Dr. Scott Sundvall


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