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The African American Literature Concentration is designed to familiarize students with the varied chronological development of African American Literature, 1750 to the present. The course offerings offer a full range of approaches, from the study of historical periods and genres to the most recent developments in literary criticism and theory.

In addition to the English Major requirements and electives, African American Literature students must complete four of the courses on the following list:
  • ENGL 3325 Survey of African American Lit through the Harlem Renaissance
  • ENGL 3326 Survey of African American Lit since the Harlem Renaissance
  • ENGL 4372 Major African American Authors through the Harlem Renaissance (repeatable with a change in course content - 6 hours)
  • ENGL 4373 Major African American Authors since the Harlem Renaissance (repeatable with a change in course content - 6 hours)
  • ENGL 4374 African American Literary Movements (repeatable with a change in course content - 6 hours)


Speculating the FutureSince the Harlem RenaissanceAre These Just Jokes?Black Women's Literary Renaissance
(Left to right: Speculating the Future: Black Authors Writing America; African American Literature Since the Harlem Renaissance; Are These Just Jokes?: Humor and Rage in African American Literature and Culture; Black Women's Literary Renaissance)


See the Undergraduate Catalog - English (B.A.)  for a complete list of all degree requirements.

African American Literature Coordinator:
Dr. Shelby Crosby


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