Online Degree Programs

The Department of English offers numerous online courses, as well as two concentrations under our B.A. degree program that can be completed all online. 

Lower Division

The General Education English classes- ENGL 1010, 1020, 2201/2- all have online offerings. However, only UofM Global students may register for the online sections of ENGL 1010 and 1020. A permit is required to add an online section of these two courses. 

Any student who meets the prerequisites for ENGL 2201 or 2202 may register for the online sections, no permit is required. 

Upper Division

Our Two Year Course Template shows the upper division and graduate courses that are offered online. 

Please note that classes offered by TN eCampus (with section numbers R01, R25, R50, etc.) are not administered by the Department of English and are only applicable toward Upper Division English Electives. Speak with your advisor before signing up for these classes to make sure they fit into your degree program. 

B.A. Degree Programs

The two concentrations within our Bachelor's degree program that can be completed online are:
1. African American Literature
2. Professional Writing

If you are currently NOT a student, please see the UofM Global site for more information on how to apply to these programs. 

If you are presently enrolled at UofM and want to switch from an on-campus program to one of our online programs, contact the English advisor, Bethany Webb, at bwebb2@memphis.edu.

Resources for Online Courses

Smart Start is an assessment program that will help prepare you for online learning. 

This Online Courses website explains how to register for and access the online courses offered by UofM and TN eCampus.