Student Involvement

History students can take part in a number of events both on campus and off to augment their study of history.

In Your History Department

The History Department has an active calendar of events. We encourage and enjoy student participation, so please join us!

History Facebook Page (Memphis Historians)

Departmental Events

History Happenings

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The HERC is home to two active student groups:

HERC Facebook

In Your Field

We strongly encourage all majors and minors, especially those interested in going to graduate school in history, to get more involved in the field of history.

Check out the HNET History Majors to get involved in historical discussion with your peers.

Browse HNET Discussion to subscribe to discussions in your area of interest. Browse their job guide to see what jobs are available in the field of history.

Peruse the AHA website to learn more about what historians do, need, and work towards.

At Your University

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