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Student Testimonials

"Throughout my graduate studies within the Department of Health and Sport Sciences, I was provided an education that is second to none. I learned the skills required to reach my academic goals as well as the skills needed succeed in the field as an educator and researcher. As a current doctoral student in Kinesiology, it is clear that my education within HSS fully prepared me to face the demands of PhD studies and beyond. Without question, much of the success I have had, as well as my potential for future success, is a credit to my graduate education in the Department of Health and Sport Sciences."

John R. Harry MS, CSCS, 2014


“The knowledge I acquired throughout my graduate career with the Department of Health and Sport Sciences is invaluable. I had the opportunity to experience vast academic growth in the classroom, author/co-author several research publications, work daily in multiple labs, and achieve my ultimate goal of gaining admittance into medical school. I am forever grateful to the faculty of this department for truly inspiring me to reach my full potential and aiding in my future success as a physician.”

Trint A. Gunnels MS, 2014


“I have gained much valuable research experience in the Department of Health and Sport Sciences under the guidance of many distinguished mentors. The knowledge I have gained allowed me to be a step ahead of my peers in medical school and there is no doubt that I will be a better physician someday as a result of my experiences.”

Moe Kabir MS, 2012


"The graduate program in the Department of Health and Sport Sciences helped prepare me for a career in biomedical research. Through the program I was further educated in an applied science while also taking courses in the basic sciences. The research focus of the program has equipped me with physical and analytical knowledge that will not only help in my career, but in life as well."

Rick Alleman Jr. MS, 2012


"My time spent obtaining my MS degree within the Department of Health and Sport Science exceeded my expectations. I was surrounded by some of the most respected scientists within the exercise/sport science field, which allows for some great collaboration on different projects. The skills I acquired were beyond advantageous, for which propelled me into a doctoral program. I know my time spent within the Department of Health and Sport Science will only help me to excel within my doctoral studies, as well as any future endeavor I pursue."

Tyler Farney MS, 2011


"Performing undergraduate research in the Department of Health and Sport Sciences was a great learning experience. The faculty and staff are helpful, knowledgeable, and inspiring. Being able to publish scientific papers and perform clinical science research gave me a competitive edge when applying for graduate school."

Zach Bell BSEd, 2011


"Through the Department of Health and Sport Sciences, I was able to develop my skills in all facets of scientific research including subject recruitment and screening, data collection and statistical analysis, blood collection and processing, manuscript writing/poster preparation, exposure undertaking biochemical assays, and collaboration with other graduate students. Above all else though, I was mentored on the scientific process and how to undertake it in a research environment. These enabled me to progress onto a premier biomedical institution and research laboratory."

Cam McCarthy MS, 2011


"I sincerely feel as though receiving my undergraduate degree, as well as continuing my education as a masters student in the department of Health and Sport Sciences at the University of Memphis has afforded me with superior knowledge within my respective field of study, as well as provided me with extensive research experience. The faculty and staff at this institution are of the highest caliber, a fact that is illustrated by the consistent body of quality research conducted within the Human Performance Laboratories. I believe my training at the University of Memphis has thoroughly prepared me for all of my future career endeavors."

Kelsey Fisher-Wellman BSEd 2007, MS 2009


"The Department of Health and Sports Sciences (concentration in EXSS) has grown my personal interest in the health care field. I feel that I have all the tools to make a great start in the field of health."

Damita Ciara Beck BSEd, 2009


"This program equips students to be more resourceful and knowledgeable on the principles and fundamentals of exercise sport science, by offering challenging courses and research opportunities. Since this field is still evolving, the research and education materials are always unique, interesting, and fresh. We are also surrounded by some of the best educators in the health sciences. As a current student of the EXSS program, the wealth of knowledge I have gained is something that will allow me to move forward in my career and academic endeavors."

Janette Kirksey BSEd, 2009


"Pursuing an education in EXSS has allowed me to develop my passion for health and fitness. Being involved in the department has enhanced my ability to be involved in the sport and fitness community. Everyone interested in this field should join the NSCA and become involved in the research being conducted in the labs even if it means being an attentive subject. I own and run CrossFit Memphis, while attending to health related side projects. These are endeavors not possible without exposure to the instructors in the EXSS department."

Michael Bledsoe BSEd, 2008


“I had such a wonderful opportunity to work as a graduate assistant while acquiring my master’s degree in the Department of Health and Sport Sciences. I was treated as an equal by principal investigators and able to assist with numerous projects in all areas of the department. In talking with friends who were in similar programs at other universities, I realized how many more opportunities I had at the University of Memphis compared to other institutions. The experience I gained as a student and graduate assistant was very valuable and I truly believe it put me on the path to my current career.”

Robyn Karlage MS, 2008


"The quality of education and the experiences I gained as a graduate student in the Department of Health and Sports Sciences were invaluable and, in my opinion, second to none in the field of Exercise Science. I feel the diversity of knowledge offered by the faculty produces a very well rounded curriculum and I have benefitted from this time and again. I also enjoyed the friendly atmosphere and the collaboration between the various Human Performance Labs. Obtaining my degree from this department has opened many doors for further education and future employment."

Corey Lohnes MS, 2007


"I had the opportunity to work in the Human Performance Laboratories as an undergraduate and then graduate assistant. During that time, I was able to gain knowledge and skills which prepared me for a career in research. The Department of HSS at the University of Memphis is a program second to none which provided me with opportunities that would not have been available at other programs. The strength of my background at the University of Memphis allowed me to successfully transition into a career track research position at St. Jude Children's Research Hospital."

Webb Smith MS, 2007


"I completed my Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in the HSS department at the University of Memphis. I am fortunate to have been educated by remarkably astute professors, been granted many opportunities to get hands-on experience with research, and been taught that education and research is a lifelong necessity. Upon graduation from the UofM, I was accepted into a Doctorate program in Physical Therapy."

Jacque Barnes MS, 2006


"Through graduate study in the Department of Health and Sport Sciences, I was immersed in an active and collaborative research environment that fostered student involvement. Under the guidance of high-caliber investigators, I acquired a variety of laboratory skills that culminated in substantial scholarly productivity. These experiences well positioned me for entry into a competitive doctoral position at a tier-one research university, putting me far above the curve for traditional entry-level doctoral students."

Mike Falvo MS, 2006


"I consider myself fortunate to have had the opportunity to work and study in the Department of Health and Sports Sciences at the University of Memphis. As a member of the Human Performance Laboratories, I was able to participate in a research program that I consider to be one of the best in the field. In addition, the education and research skills I acquired there have enabled me to excel in my current position in Orthopedic Research."

Chris Moore MS, 2005


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