Personal Training (Academic Minor)

Personal Training

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The College of Health Sciences offers a 24-credit-hour minor available to students across campus. Students are immersed in didactic (traditional, lecture-based) and kinesthetic (physical activity) courses to develop a better understanding of key concepts related to personal training, with the program designed to prepare you with the material addressed on assorted professional personal training certification exams.

The variety of physical activity courses help to broaden your understanding of group fitness—an area that is in high demand. Students seeking part-time employment as a personal trainer or fitness instructor, during your undergraduate studies and beyond, may be interested in this minor.

Personal Training

Required (16 credit hours)

ESMS 2015 Resistance/Aerobic Train Apps (3 credit hours)
ESMS 3405 Kinesiology (3 credit hours)
HLSC 3505 Prin/Health Fitness Instruc (3 credit hours)  - Prerequisites for this course include BIOL 2010/BIOL 2011 and BIOL 2020/BIOL 2021.
ESMS 3700 Intro to Exercise Physiology (3 credit hours)
PHED 3001 Personal Training Exam Prep* (1 credit hour) - Permit required; all other coursework must be completed prior to taking this course.

Choose from the following (3 credit hours):

HLSC 2100 Wellness Concepts & Practices (3 credit hours )
NUTR 2202 Nutrition (3 credit hours)

*Students will be required to show proof of current CPR certification when taking the Exam Prep course. Certification can be obtained from an outside agency/course, or students may choose to complete either HMSE 2102 or ESMS 3050, both of which are offered within the College, and provide the needed certification.

PHED courses* (8 credit hours total, including one aquatic-based course)

PHED course options (3 courses, 6 credit hours):

PHED 1003 Aerobics (2 credit hours)
PHED 1004 Jogging (2 credit hours)
PHED 1007 Yoga (2 credit hours)
PHED 1008 Walking (2 credit hours)
PHED 1009 Fitness Thru Cross-Training (2 credit hours)
PHED 1015 Stationary Cycling (2 credit hours)
PHED 1016 Pilates (2 credit hours)
PHED 1020 Fitness for Beginners (2 credit hours)
PHED 1141 AbLab (2 credit hours)
PHED 1302 Free Weights & Machines (2 credit hours)
PHED 1305 Kettlebell (2 credit hours)
PHED 1444 Kickboxing (2 credit hours)
PHED 1744 PiYo/Pilates/Yoga (2 credit hours)
PHED 1932 Zumba (2 credit hours)

PHED aquatic course options (1 course, 2 credit hours):

PHED 1006 Water Aerobics (2 credit hours)
PHED 1711 Beginning Swimming I (2 credit hours)
PHED 1713 Intermediate Swimming (2 credit hours)
PHED 1722 Swim-Lifeguarding (2 credit hours)
PHED 1742 Cond Thru Swimming (2 credit hours)
PHED 2703 Teaching Swimming & WSI (3 credit hours)
PHED 3406 Lifeguarding Instructors (3 credit hours)

*Not all PHED courses are available each semester; above are possibilities. In addition, new PHED courses are sometimes added to the schedule. If you see a course on the schedule that is not listed above, please speak with your advisor to determine if a substitution is authorized.

For more info:
Debra Wyatt, MS