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Bachelor's and Master's in Health Studies / Academic Minors

dietetics icon Dietetics

Undergraduate | Accelerated BS/MS

The Dietetics curriculum provides foundation, knowledge and skills in the areas of communications, physical and biological sciences, social sciences, research, food, nutrition, management and health care systems.

ESMS Icon Exercise, Sport & Movement Sciences

Undergraduate | Graduate | Accelerated BS/MS

A concentration in Exercise, Sport & Movement Sciences provides a comprehensive exposure to the field of exercise science, with coursework in areas such as kinesiology, physiology, biomechanics, motor behavior and exercise programming.

Health Science Icon Health Sciences

Undergraduate | Also available fully online

The Health Sciences concentration allows you to pursue your interests among the various health professions. It is grounded in health promotion theory and practice, and offers elective hours to allow you to align your program with your own professional goals.

Healthcare leadership Icon Healthcare Leadership 

Undergraduate | Offered online only

The fully online concentration in Healthcare Leadership provides a comprehensive exposure to the field of leadership with coursework in areas such as the healthcare environment, professionalism, leadership, business skills and communication.

Exercise Nutrition

Exercise Nutrition

Graduate | Offered online only | Beginning Summer 2022

The master's degree in Exercise Nutrition is a fully online, 30-credit-hour program. Balance school and life with the flexibility of our UofM Global program designed for those who desire increased knowledge and understanding of exercise and nutrition science. The program provides coursework in research methods and statistics, exercise physiology, cellular nutrition and supportive areas of your choosing.

Health Promotion icon

Health Promotion


Graduate | Offered online only

This program examines the various factors responsible for the adoption and maintenance of health-related behaviors and identifies best practices that can be implemented for lifestyle change across a variety of settings. Graduates will be able to design, implement, manage and evaluate health promotion programs in a variety of settings.

Medical Assisting Icon Medical Assisting

Undergraduate Minor

Coursework in the Medical Assisting minor allows students to obtain the necessary knowledge and practical skills needed to sit for the national certification exam in medical assisting. If you do not desire to obtain a certificate, the coursework should be helpful if you choose to pursue other entry-level healthcare positions for which such knowledge and skills may be desired.

Nutrition, Health & Wellness Nutrition, Health & Wellness

Undergraduate Minor

The Nutrition, Health & Wellness academic minor is intended to enrich your current plan of study and provide an opportunity to learn valuable skills and information applicable within healthcare settings. All students interested in pursuing this minor will be able to do so regardlesss of your academic major.


Master of Science in Nutrition

nutrition icon Clinical Nutrition

Graduate | MS & DI/MS Combined Program

The Master of Science in Nutrition / Dietetic Internship and Residency program is an intensive curriculum lasting only 16 months. The didactic curriculum focuses on preparing students for clinical rotations. 

Environmental Nutrition Icon Environmental Nutrition

Graduate | Offered Online Only

The master's degree in Environmental Nutrition is a fully online, 33-credit hour program that explores sustainable food and nutrition issues. The program examines the relationships between food, nutrition and the environment.

Nutrition Science Icon Nutrition Science


The Nutritional Science concentration provides students with an excellent opportunity to pursue yout interests in understanding the roles of nutrition in health and disease, development and aging and in athletic performance.


Physical Education Teacher Education BSEd and MS

PETE icon

Physical Education Teacher Education

Undergraduate | Graduate Online     

This PETE licensure program prepares you to become physically literate teachers and coaches who are trained in the best practices of physical education and wellness. It is a fully accredited program at the University of Memphis and is led by a vibrant and productive faculty that is nationally and internationally recognized for its scholarship.

Sport Coaching

Sport Coaching


The Sport Coaching concentration is designed to train forward-thinking people to be the coaches who will lead the next generation of athletes in the fast-paced world of sport. The program aims to prepare students for the demands of leading athletes in individual and team sports at all levels. You’ll receive instruction in areas such as coaching individual and team sports, motivation in athletes, sports performance, administration and leadership, as well as officiating techniques and instruction.


Applied Physiology & Neuromechanics PhD (Beginning Fall 2022)

Applied Biomechanics

Applied Biomechanics

PhD | Laboratory Intensive

A concentration in Applied Biomechanics is a focused research-intensive program in which the  role of body mechanics and structure on human movement applications is examined.

Applied Physiology & Nutrition Applied Physiology & Nutrition

PhD | Laboratory Intensive

A concentration in Applied Physiology & Nutrition is a focused research-intensive program in which the effects of aging, environment, exercise, nutraceuticals, etc. on physiological systems are examined. 


Certificates & Continuing Education

sport nutrition icon Sport Nutrition and Dietary Supplementation

Graduate Certificate

The graduate certificate in Sport Nutrition and Dietary Supplementation is useful for registered dietitians/nutritionists, strength and conditioning coaches, personal trainers and healthcare providers (e.g., nurses, pharmacists) who may receive questions from athletes or patients specific to the topics of sport nutrition and dietary supplementation.

Sport Science Icon Sports Science

Professional Education Certification  (coming soon)

The Professional Education Certification in Sport Science offered through our Human Performance Center will provide a bridge from formal study to actual application in the workplace. The certification is specifically designed for the exercise science student and others with formal education but limited practical experience in a sport science setting—those with aspirations of working in sport science, strength and conditioning, athletic training and athlete support. That is, for those who desire to work directly with sport coaches and athletes in performance settings.

Surgical Technology Icon Surgical Technology


In partnership with Methodist Le Bonheur Healthcare, we offer a 12-month Surgical Technology program as part of the University of Memphis MLH Associate Advancement Program (MAAP). Surgical technologists, sometimes referred to as scrub techs or operating room technicians, are an important part of medical teams, assisting medical doctors, nurses and other healthcare providers in performing surgical procedures. Most surgical technologists work in hospitals, although some may work in outpatient care centers or physician's offices.