The ACNL directed by Gavin M. Bidelman, Ph.D., uses cognitive neuroscience tools (EEG/ERPs, psychophysics, computational modeling, machine learning) to investigate foundational properties of auditory perception and cognition.

The work includes elements of both basic research and clinically motivated inquiry. Lab studies proceed on three main fronts: (1) understanding the neurocomputations involved in auditory categorization and novel sound learning; (2) a neuroethological approach characterizing the upper bounds of brain plasticity via study of listeners with extraordinary auditory expertise (e.g., musicians, bilinguals); and translational work (3) examining changes in neurophysiological coding across the lifespan in both normal and clinical populations (hearing impaired, mild cognitive impairment). The lab is funded by the NIH/NIDCD.

PI contact: Gavin Bidelman, Ph.D.



We gratefully acknowledge funding support from:

nih nidcd