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Congratulations to Dr. Caitlin Nelms Price for successfully defending her doctoral dissertation and becoming an AuD-PhD! (6/29/20)

ACNL paper (Bidelman & Bhagat, 2020) featured on the cover of NeuroReport  31(10) nr_cover2020

PhD student Kelsey Mankel received a F31 NRSA predoctoral fellowship from the NIH/NIDCD (4/20) (here)

Dr. Bidelman receives the PI Millionaire Award from the University of Memphis (2/20) (here)

Jared Carter and Jane Brown join the lab as new PhD students (8/19)

New ACNL study published in PNAS underscores the need to consider preexisting advantages in assessing the benefits of musical training on speech processing and neuroplasticity. Read more in the press releases here  and here. (12/3/18)

Dr. Bidelman was awarded the Eye of the Tiger Award, from the UofM Alumni Association (10/13/18)

Dr. Gwyneth Lewis joins the lab. Welcome Dr. Lewis! (10/1/18)

Congratulations to Dr. Anusha Yellamsetty for successfully defending her doctoral dissertation! (6/15/18)

Dr. Bidelman receives a 5-year, $1.9 million R01 Grant from the NIH-NIDCD. The award will support ongoing ACNL neuroimaging studies characterizing the neural bases of auditory categorization, learning, and speech perception. (May 18)

ACNL PhD student Caitlin Nelms Price, AuD was awarded the University's prestigious Van Vleet Memorial Doctoral Award (8/17)

Our 2013 article on bidirectional transfer between music and tone-languages reached the top 10% most cited articles in PloS One. The journal has published more than 150K papers since 2007   #plosmostcited (6/30/17)

A new study published in the Journal of Neuroscience by Dr. Bidelman and collaborators at the Rotman Research Institute-Toronto suggests that the way the brain processes speech could serve as a predictor of early dementia before obvious communication problems appear. (3/8/17)Rotman

Dr. Bidelman was awarded a Discovery & Development Grant funded by the University of Memphis Research Investment Fund (2/23/17)

Dr. Bidelman was a recipient of the College of Arts and Sciences Early Career Research Award. (posted August 19, 2016)

ACNL MA student Breya Walker (Psychology) and AuD/PhD Caitlin Nelms (CSD) won first place in the 2016 UofM Student Research Forum in the Life and Health Sciences and Social and Behavioral Science categories.

New study led by Dr. Bidelman shows that musical training late prevents loss of listening skills later in life. Read more: Washington Post and National Post

Drs. Bidelman and Bhagat receive grant funding from the GRAMMY Foundation® to study the effects of musical training on hearing health.grammy