How can an internship benefit my future?

  • It gives you practical experience in your field and adds value to your resume. Employers are more likely to hire those that have proven themselves and gained experience.

When should I get an internship?

  • Typically your Junior year, but many students have several internship experiences over the course of their college career.

Where do I find internships?

  • Visit the e-recruiting link at Career Services or the Office of Academic Internships. You should also network with professors from your field of study, former employers, as well as friends and family. You just never know who might lead you to an internship!

Who should I talk to about the process?

  • Start with your advisor. Some departments may have an internship coordinator, some may have several individuals, and some may direct you to the Office of Academic Internships.

Does an internship have to be within my major or field of study?

  • No! Internships are an opportunity to explore the world of work and develop your workplace skills. Talk to your advisor about the advantages and disadvantages of different internship opportunities.