Undecided about your major?

Most students at some point in their academic career are undecided – whether you are a new freshman or a current student. Take a deep breath, relax, and know that you will find your perfect major.

The General Education curriculum ensures that students have courses to take that will apply to all majors. In addition to taking basic classes, completing a career self-assessment using the FOCUS2 or setting up an appointment with a career counselor can help you discover the major that is right for you.

The Academic Advising Center advises all current and new students who are undecided. It is staffed by 10 full-time Academic Advisors who are available to help you choose classes, investigate different major options, and get you connected with resources on-campus.

Major Explorer in GUIDE: College Simplified will help you explore multiple options on your mobile device! Download GUIDE: College Simplified in the Appstore or GooglePlay.