Post-Graduation Strategies

When should you start talking with your advisor about your plans after graduation?

  • As soon as possible but no later than your Junior year. Always keep your advisor informed!

When should you take the GRE or other graduate exams?

  • Junior year to give yourself time to re-take if needed.

When should you think about graduate school?

Are you willing to relocate? If so, where?

  • Depending on the field you are entering you may need to relocate to other parts of the country ... or the world. Your advisor can be a resource to help you prepare for this next step.

Do you have a good connection with one of your professors? Interview them about options.

  • Your professors are a valuable resource for insight into your chosen field. You may want to interview them about options. Conducting "information interviews" with potential employers can also be a useful tool.

What if you don't want to attend graduate school?

  • Talk to your advisor about career options related to your field of study. They may also suggest career counseling, internships or other opportunities to build your resume. Your major department website will have information that may be useful also. Consider networking with our Alumni Association.