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Sanitation Workers March


Through the links below and to the right, you can explore the history of seminal events and locations in the American Civil Rights Movement. We believe that by combining maps, pictures and historical explanations, we can enhance your understanding of the Movement that shaped America and brought it closer to its promise as a land where all people are created equal and can pursue their rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

By clicking on the pins on each location on the map, you will see electronic visualizations that allow exploration of recreated landscapes, hyperlinked stories, and photographs of those involved in the Movement.

Time is the domain of the historian, whereas place is the domain of the geographer. While such distinctions may serve the purpose of separating knowledge domains, the fact is that time and place are intimately connected. A unique history unfolds in the context of a particular place, and nowhere else. Interactive maps bring America's Civil Rights history to life!

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