Departmental Policies

Usage Guidelines

These guidelines must be followed in order to schedule the facilities.

Sponsor should consult with the coordinator of facilities, scheduling and special events prior to finalizing a schedule to investigate potential scheduling conflicts. For multiple space reservations, a finalized schedule should be submitted on the appropriate form two months prior to the first event. Campus sponsor is responsible for scheduling games, classes, activities and contests. A daily itemized event schedule should be submitted in writing at least one month prior to the first activity.

This request should include exact dates, times, off-days and travel adjustments for athletic practices. Adjustments to this schedule will be permitted with prior approval pending space availability. Athletics must request space for individual instruction, conditioning, and out-of-season workouts at least two months in advance. Request of space for UofM sponsored events, camps, clinics, meets and tournaments should be submitted at least one month in advance and in accordance with the university policies and procedures established for such activities.

Scheduling Facilities

All Campus Recreation facilities will be scheduled in accordance with established priorities. Athletic programs are scheduled according to a variety of factors. These include: applicable priority systems, availability, rotations, special events, appropriate use, out-of-season activities and inter-departmental priorities. Scheduling conflicts between individual athletic programs will be reviewed by the athletic director. "Bumping" of lower priority programs from a facility space by another activity will not be permitted once schedules have been requested and approved, unless special circumstances exist. Special circumstances will be determined by the Campus Recreation Executive Director.

Periodically, pre-established schedules must be altered due to special university activities, maintenance problems, weather, or other instances beyond control. Every effort will be made to notify and accommodate each athletic program's practice and competition needs when the need arises. All visiting team practice requests should be forwarded to the coordinator of facilities, scheduling and special events for formal scheduling one month in advance. Every effort should be made to avoid scheduling multiple contests of differing sports and activities at the same time. Any items not specifically noted in these guidelines will be reviewed by the Campus Recreation Executive Director.