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Intramural Sports Official

Officiate intramural team sports including flag football, basketball, softball, soccer, volleyball and other seasonal team sports. Work under the supervision of the Student Supervisor of Intramural Sports along with Graduate Assistant of Intramural Sports. Attendance is required for the mandatory training and evaluation sessions. Students sports officiating is a seasonal employment opportunity with scheduling based on weekly performance evaluations.

Duties & Responsibilities:

  • Provide pre-game assistance
  • Assist in setting up equipment for the evening and/or weekend activities
  • Assist with sign-in and collection of team members' student IDs
  • Assist in examining facility for safety hazards
  • Provide quality officiating during contests
  • View and follow the intramural sports contest and enforce the rules judiciously as possible
  • Oversee the intramural sports contest and ensure participation takes place in a safe manner
  • Assist in post-game duties
  • Assist in completion of forms
  • Assist in securing facility at the conclusion of the intramural activity

Knowledge & Skills:

  • Intramural participation and sports officiating experience preferred
  • Physical ability to keep up with the sports being officiated
  • Strong interpersonal skills
  • Ability and readiness to work under pressure
  • Professionalism and good decision-making skills
  • An interest in sports and recreation is key, with current knowledge of sports rules or the willingness to learn officiating protocols for all types of sports.

Jon Duncan 


Student Employment Qualifications

Students must:

  • be a full-time UofM student in good academic standing.
  • have a U.S. social security number.
  • have a bank or CU checking account.
  • not be employed at another job on campus.
  • have appropriate certifications (lifeguards, instructors).
  • be reliable and flexible.
  • be able to articulate and communicate clearly.
  • be able to deal with customer conflicts.
  • be able to work on weekends along with during the week.
  • be able to arrive at work 10 minutes early for shift and punch out in a timely manner.
  • be able to make quick judgments concerning incidences and emergencies.
  • be able to attend all mandatory training and in-service training sections.
  • be able to clearly understand all policies concerning building usage and safety.

Group Fitness Instructors and Certified Personal Trainers

We are accepting applications for certified group fitness instructors and personal trainers. Email Emilee Rodado at rmnrdado@memphis.edu for more information. Unlike other positions, instructors are not required to be UofM students.