Community Partners Membership

Individual and household community partner memberships are available for employees of companies with unique collaborative relationships with University of Memphis. Membership is for those actively working on campus. You must obtain a letter from the collaborative department in which your contract dates are documented. Rates will only be offered during the specified contract dates. 

Partner members have the option to purchase an individual membership for $20 per month or a household membership for $40 per month. (minimum three months)

Household memberships include sponsoring one other adult 26 years or older who lives in the same household and/or dependents under 26 years of age.  

Both partner member and adult household member 26 years of age or older must provide two current forms of identification to the membership office showing that you have matching addresses. Acceptable forms of identification include current driver's license, utility bill, lease/mortgage agreement, bank statement, credit card bill, phone bill or other official documentation dated within last two months (no personal mail accepted). Birth certificate or guardianship papers must be shown for dependents under 26 years of age.