Student Membership


Your student fees pay for your membership! Free access is available to all current UofM students with a valid student ID.



Students with valid student IDs may also purchase a household membership for $60 per semester. Student Household memberships are available to purchase beginning on the first day of each semester.

Household memberships include sponsoring one other adult 26 years or older who lives in the same household and/or dependents under 26 years of age. 

Both student and adult household member 26 years of age or older must provide two current forms of identification to the membership office showing that you have matching addresses. Acceptable forms of identification include current driver's license, utility bill, lease/mortgage agreement, bank statement, credit card bill, phone bill or other official documentation dated within last two months (no personal mail accepted). Birth certificate or guardianship papers must be shown for dependents under 26 years of age.



Guest Policy

Guests over 16 years of age are allowed to use our facilities by purchasing a guest pass for $15, good for one visit. Guest passes are available Friday-Sunday ONLY.  Guests can only purchase FIVE guest passes within a semester. Once reaching this limit, you must purchase a membership to continue using our facilities.

This membership is sold on-site only and you must present a valid ID. Those under 16 years of age must come with a parent or guardian who must stay with them during their visit.