Faculty and Staff Membership

Membership inquiries may be made by calling 901.678.3457 or emailing recmembership@memphis.edu> All membership transactions are being conducted online at this time.

Manage Your Membership

Full-Time Faculty/Staff Membership Deduction Enrollment Form>

Full-Time Faculty/Staff Membership Cancellation Form>

Please return forms via email to recmembership@memphis.edu>

Full-Time Faculty/Staff

  • As of July 1, 2021, all full-time faculty and staff members will pay $18 per month for individual memberships and $36 per month for household. If you are already enrolled in a membership and wish to continue your membership, no further action is required and your payroll deduction will continue at the new rate.
  • Membership fees are deducted from payroll.
  • Employee ID's will be activated by the UofM Payroll Department. Verification paperwork will be filed in the Membership Office of Campus Recreation.
  • Dependent members may be added to Household Membership by submitting information to the membership office via email. Please submit appropriate documentation via email to recmembership@memphis.edu>

UofM Retired Faculty/Staff

Free access is allowed to eligible retired faculty and staff members via retiree card issued by Benefits Department. The membership application must be completed at the UofM Benefits Office. 

Temporary/Contract Employees

Temporary/Contract employees must submit copy of employment contract to membership office via email before purchasing membership. Contact recmembership@memphis.edu for additional information.