Chemistry Programs at the University of Memphis

Undergraduate Programs

The Department of Chemistry offers two undergraduate degrees, the B.S. and the B.S.CH. Both degrees have an optional biochemistry concentration. The BSCH requires additional coursework in Chemistry and undergraduate research, and graduates are certified by the American Chemical Society.

Departmental honors can be earned in all undergraduate degrees. To graduate with Honors in Chemistry a student must have a GPA of at least 3.25, both overall and in required science and mathematics courses, must earn honors credit in two upper division CHEM courses and a third at any level, must complete three credits in undergraduate research, and must present a research paper to an audience outside the department.

Program Objectives

Graduates with an undergraduate degree in chemistry:

  • will have a satisfactory knowledge and comprehension of core concepts of analytical, organic, physical, inorganic and bioorganic chemistry
  • will have the ability to critically assess and solve problems relating to theoretical and practical aspects of chemistry
  • will have satisfactory laboratory skills
  • will be able to communicate chemical concepts, and the results of investigations into chemical phenomena, through oral and written discourse and by way of mathematical sciences
  • will have satisfactory basic computer and computational skills
  • will be prepared for entry level positions in the field, or for admission to graduate or professional school
  • will demonstrate an understanding of professional ethics and the importance of chemistry in its impact on society.

Graduate Programs