Polymer Chemistry--CHEM 4382/6382

Students to be served: Senior undergraduates majoring in chemistry or a related discipline and graduate students who have interests in polymers, materials, biomedical, and related research.

Prerequisites: CHEM 3312  or permission of instructor.

Course Description: This course focuses on modern methods of polymerization and reactions for recent polymeric architectures used in cutting-edge research of nano/bio/electro/hybrid materials.
Three lecture hours per week.

Textbook and other materials: Charles E. Carraher Jr., Introduction to Polymer Chemistry, plus handouts.

Course Objectives:

  • Modern Synthesis and Reactions of Polymers: Step-growth, Free-radical, Ionic/Coordination, Photolytic/Electrolytic, and Ring-opening polymerization, and Polymer Reactions.
  • Thermodynamics and Kinetics of Polymerization
  • Physical Characterization of Polymers: Molecular weights, Polymer solutions, Morphologies, Glass Transitions, Crystallinity, Diffraction, Scattering, Spectroscopy.
  • Current Fabrication and Testing Methods of Polymers
  • Molecular Structure, Properties, and Uses: Structure-Property Relationship, Electroactive Polymers, Biomedical Applications


      Course grades: >90%:A, 80-90%:B, 70-80%:C, 60-70%:D, <60%:F


  • Tardiness and unexcused absence from class are unprofessional behaviors which should be avoided, but attendance will not be graded.
  • Electronic devices such as cell phones and pagers should be turned off in the classroom.
  • Reasonable and appropriate accommodations will be made for students who present a memo from Student Disability Services.

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Dr. Tomoko Fujiwara

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