Chemistry of Materials I Laboratory--CHEM 1011

This course and the associated lecture, CHEM 1010, are required for B. S. Engineering Technology majors. CHEM 1010 and 1011 together (4 credit hours) satisfy a General Education Natural Science requirement. This course will not be credited toward a major in any of the physical, biological, or engineering sciences, nor mathematics.

Corequisite or Prerequisite: CHEM 1010
Note: Separate grades are assigned for lecture (1010) and laboratory (1011).

Course Description: Experiments and experimental techniques in general and inorganic chemistry. Two laboratory hours per week; 1 credit hour.

Textbook and other materials:

  • H. G. Kirksey, Introduction to Chemistry 1 Laboratory Manual
  • Safety goggles
  • Padlock, matches, sponge, liquid detergent, and towel
  • Thin, flat six-inch plastic ruler

Course Outline: Experiments cover the following topics:

  • Matter – how may it be broken down/taken apart, the difference between a substance and a mixture
  • What a characteristic property (such as density) is/how may it be used to obtain other information about a sample of a substance (such as the mass and/or volume)
  • Melting and boiling points of pure substances
  • Heat transfer processes – changes of state, changes of temperature
  • Physical properties of a single pure substance
  • Factors that affect the rates of chemical reactions
  • Acids, bases, indicators and pH
  • Chemical reactions and the law of definite proportions

Grades: Students must attend weekly laboratory sessions and hand in acceptable laboratory reports. Overall grade will be based on 9 individually graded reports and two laboratory examinations.


  • Appropriate clothing, including safety goggles, and attention to safety are required in the laboratory at all times.
  • Reasonable and appropriate accommodations will be made for students who present a memo from Student Disability Services.
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