Intermediate Organic Chemistry--CHEM 4311/6311

This course is recommended for chemistry and related majors seeking more in-depth study of organic chemistry.

Course Description: Further study of physical organic chemistry.
Three lecture hours per week; 3 credit hours.

Textbook and other materials:

Required textbook: Sykes, P., A Guidebook to Mechanism in Organic Chemistry, 7th ed.

  • A general organic chemistry textbook (Bruice, P. Y., Organic Chemistry, for example) is recommended.

Course Objectives:
Review of general organic chemistry and more advanced treatment of structure and mechanism.

Course Outline: (The exact order of topics may vary by instructor.)

  • Structure of Organic Compounds
  • Acid-Base Chemistry
  • Thermodynamics and Kinetics of Reactions
  • Reactivity of Organic Compounds Related to Structure
  • Mechanisms of Common and Name Reactions
  • Linear Free Energy Relationships

Three examinations and assignments will be given during the semester. A comprehensive final examination will be administered in class at the assigned time. Each test and the sum of the assignments will count 20% toward the grade for the course. Grades are expected to be in the range: A > 85 > B > 70 > C > 55 > D


  • Within certain restrictions, books and journals may be used to help with take-home tests but not the Internet, and assistance may not be sought from other students or faculty.
  • Tardiness and unexcused absence from class are unprofessional behaviors which should be avoided, but attendance will not be graded.
  • Electronic devices such as cell phones and pagers should be turned off in the classroom.
  • Reasonable and appropriate accommodations will be made for students who present a memo from Student Disability Services.
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Dr. Ted Burkey

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