COMM Internships

Communication majors are encouraged to enhance their educational experience and to develop their professional skills through internships with government agencies, non-profit organizations, private businesses, film companies, and media firms. Communication majors may earn COMM credit for their internship experience, by registering for COMM 4802.

Comm Studies Internship Director: Dr. Craig Stewart
Film & Video Production Internship Director: Prof. Roxie Gee

How Do I Find An Internship?

Search for internship opportunties and make appointments with University of Memphis Career Services.

Requirements to register for COMM 4802

  • Junior or Senior standing (i.e., at least 60 credit hours completed before the beginning of the internship)
  • At least 15 COMM hours completed (or permission of Faculty Director)
  • At least a 3.0 GPA in COMM (or permission of Faculty Director)
  • Film & Video Production internships: completed COMM 3823 and COMM 3824
  • Online application completed by the last day of classes the semester prior to the beginning of the internship.
  • Letter or email from the internship supervisor confirming that the student has obtained the internship and the general scope of the internship.
  • The period of the internship should correspond with an academic semester (Fall, Spring, or Summer).
  • Each credit hour of COMM 4802 is equivalent to 50 work hours (3 credit hours equals 150 work hours, or 10 hours per week over the course of a 15-week semester).

Complete the online application form

Requirements to complete COMM 4802

Unless otherwise instructed by your faculty director, these forms should be uploaded to eCourseware:

  • Time logs specifying hours worked and tasks completed, signed by both the student and the internship supervisor, submitted both at mid-term and at the end-of-semester.
  • Student self-assessment, signed by both the student and the internship supervisor, submitted at mid-term.
  • Samples of work completed (as appropriate) submitted at mid-term and end of semester.
  • Final student self-evaluation, submitted at end-of-semester.
  • Final supervisor evaluation, submitted at end-of-semester (emailed directly to faculty director).

Grade assignment

COMM 4802 is graded as S (Satisfactory) or U (Unsatisfactory). The grade will be based on the faculty director's evaluation of the time logs, samples of work performed, the student's self-evaluations, and the supervisor's final evaluation.