Film & Video Production

The Department of Communication & Film at The University of Memphis offers both a Bachelor of Arts and a Master of Arts Degree in Communication with a concentration in Film and Video Production. These concentrations combine technical instruction with courses in motion picture studies to provide students with the skills necessary to function in the multifaceted world of audiovisual production. Our approach to media practice is broad enough to address the needs of the independent artist as well as those who wish to enter the industry, and the film program is small enough to ensure that each student receives personal attention from the faculty.

See sample films produced by BA and MA Film Students.



Students begin the film and video concentration with a foundational hands-on course in 16mm film production and post-production, Motion Picture Production I. Students then move into the world of digital video production and non-linear editing with Motion Picture Production II. After these two core pre-requisites, students explore the television studio workflow in TV Studio Production I, a final pre-requisite. Students then have the opportunity to focus on specific craft elements of the medium in classes such as Screenwriting, Directing, Producing, Cinematography, Editing, and Audio Production for Film. The film and video production concentration also stresses the importance of film studies and the ability to analyze the medium while appreciating its history. Film studies classes include Film History I and II, Contemporary Cinema, Documentary Form and Film, Monster Films, Gender and Film, and Science Fiction Film.

Core pre-requisites (12 credits):

COMM 3823: Motion Picture I

COMM 3924: Motion Picture II

COMM 3842: TV Studio Production

Students select no fewer than three courses (9 credits) in production/writing electives:

COMM 4822: Audio Production

COMM 4824: Cinematography

COMM 4825: Editing

COMM 4842: Television Workshop

COMM 4842: TV Studio Production II

COMM 4891: Directing for Film

COMM 4893: Producing for Film

COMM 4894: Community Action Film

COMM 4960: Documentary Writing

COMM 4970: Screenwriting

Students select no fewer than two courses (6 credits) in film studies electives:

COMM 3003: Television and Culture

COMM 4850: Film History I

COMM 4851: Film History II

COMM 4853: Documentary Form Film

COMM 4856: Gender and Film

COMM 4858: Contemporary Cinema

COMM 4859: Monster Films

COMM 4860: Reality TV

COMM 4861: Science Fiction