Minor in Communication

Employers are always looking for people with strong communication skills! A Communication minor is a great way to build your writing, speaking, and analytical skills and can complement any major.

The Communication minor is very flexible—18 credit hours (at least 9 upper-division) in COMM.

Whether you’re interested in media/film studies, relationship building, or political and civic engagement, a minor in Communication can offer you knowledge and skills to help you succeed in any field.

Contact: Dr. Alex Morales

Although you can craft your own minor, here are some suggested courses for the different interest areas:

  • Media/Film Studies: Oral Communication (COMM 2381), Intro to Film (1851), Media Literacy (2101), Smart Phone Video Production (2030), TV and Culture (3003), Reality TV (4860), any of the film studies courses (Film History 1 and 2; Gender and Film, Sci Fi Film, Contemporary Cinema, Monster Films), and production courses recommended by the professors.

  • Relationship Building: Oral Communication (2381), Comm Inquiry (2100), Comm Ethics (3100), Comm and Leadership (3342), Gender in Comm (3561), Comm in Organizations (4011), Interpersonal Comm (4341), Small Group Comm (4342), Intercultural Comm (4375), Comm and Conflict (4380)

  • Political and Civic Engagement: Oral Communication (2381), Comm Inquiry (2100), Rhetoric/Civic Controversy (3001), Comm Ethics (3100), Comm and Leadership (3342), Argumentation and Advocacy (3321), Persuasion and Influence (3322), Political Comm (4013), Rhetoric of Social Movements (4360)