Spring 2023 Courses

Undergrad Students

Required Courses for Communication Studies Concentration

COMM 2381 – Oral Communication Credit Hours (3) Description: Principles and practices of public speaking using live and mediated formats; emphasis on researching, analyzing, writing and delivering effective spoken messages with appropriate visual support in informative persuasive settings. 

COMM 2100 – Communication Inquiry Credit hours (3) Description: History and development of the discipline of communication; emphasis on rhetoric, social science and media; theories and models of communication. Examine definitions and models of the communication process and focus on the development of major theories in the discipline with a particular emphasis on how these theories apply to everyday life.

COMM 2101 – Media and Info Literacy Credit hours (3) Description: Critical examination and analysis of media and information products, focus on mediated construction of meaning and assessment of credibility online and in traditional mass media; basic research skills necessary to complete academic projects successfully.

COMM 3001 – Rhetoric/Civic Controversy Credit Hours (3) Description: Introduction to history and practice of rhetoric as the art of civic engagement in a democracy, focus on key terms, ethical assumptions and interpretative tools of rhetoric study; analysis of contemporary and historical cases in focal and national controversy.

COMM 3100 – Communication Ethics Credit Hours (3) Description: Exploration of principles, theories, and philosophical approaches to ethics of human communication; emphasis on decision-making, critical thinking and awareness of personal responsibilities as a sender and receiver of messages.

COMM 3330 - Communication Research Methods (4) Description: Examination and application of qualitative and quantitative methods of research. Three hours of lecture, one hour of laboratory per week. PREREQUISITE: COMM 2100 and COMM 2101.

COMM 4381 – Senior Capstone Credit Hours (3) Description: Synthesis and extension of knowledge in communication studies; demonstrated integration of learning and positioning to move on as individuals, citizens and/or professionals. Students will create a portfolio representing past course projects as well as carry out a capstone research project. PREREQUESITE: COMM 3330 and senior standing or permission of instructor.

Spring 2023 Online Electives

COMM 3012 – Health Communication

COMM 3322 – Persuasion & Influence

COMM 3361 – African American Rhetoric

COMM 3561 – Gender in Communication

COMM 4015 - Health Literacy

COMM 4381 – Communication & Conflict

Spring 2023 On Campus Electives

COMM 3012 – Health Communication (MWF) 10:20-11:15

COMM 3342 – Communication & Leadership (TR) 11:20-12:45

COMM 3360 – Rhetoric of Popular Culture (TR) 2:40-4:05

COMM 3362 – Rhetoric of Southern Culture (TR) 1:00-2:25

COMM 4360 – Rhetoric of Social Movements (TR) 9:40-11:05

COMM 4363 – Dialogue (MW) 2:20-3:45

COMM 4811 – The Internet and New Media (TR) 11:20-12:45

COMM 4856 – Gender and Film (W) 1:00-4:00

For a complete list of COMM courses, visit this page: Undergraduate Courses in Communication & Film