MA-ECON CTL Results (2019)

The most recent MA-ECON Degree AoL cycle was completed in the Fall of 2019.


For the MA-ECON Degree (Finance), four (4) learning goals including a total of eight (8) individual learning outcomes were assessed in AY 2018-19. Students completing comprehensive exams over multiple semester from 2013-18 provided the bulk of the data used in this analysis. Additional data was collected in the Fall of 2018 from students enrolled in ECON-7125.


The analysis showed that the MA-ECON students did well across the majority of the degree's learning outcomes with the one area of concern falling under communication skills. Specifically, 22% of the students scored at the Fair level at being able to communicate economic concepts effectively. So, the committee focused its attention on addressing that area of need and recommended the following changes to the MA-ECON program:

Recommendation(s) for Improvement:

  • Increase the emphasis on formal course-level activities that improve students' presentation skills across the program

Associated Action Item(s):

  • All faculty teaching in the MA-ECON program will include course-level content that provides students with guidance on how to effectively communicate economic concepts in both written and oral forms to a variety of audiences.

Full Report:


(page updated: 10/25/2019)