MA ECON Rubric

The MS-ECON Degree is assessed using a 3-point scale as follows:

3 = Exemplary (met expectations with considerable expertise)
2 = Good (met expectations with some problems and needs improvement)
1 = Fair (did not meet expectations)

Review/download the MA-ECON CTL Assessment Rubric for the Fogelman College.

Data Collection Methodology for MA-ECON (effective AY 2018-19):

  • Because the MA-ECON program is a low volume degree, assessment data is collected continually.
  • Goals 1, 2, and 3 are assessed as a by-product of conducting written comprehensive exams using the standard rubric. Two faculty will score each student on all six learning objectives across the three goals. Data collection will take place in any semester that comprehensive exams are scheduled. Open/Download the MA-ECON Comps Scoring Template (PDF)
  • Goal 4 (Communication Skills, both objectives) is assessed in either ECON-6761 (Special Topics) or in ECON-6315 starting in Spring 2021 (or whenever it is fully approved). 
  • The first full CTL analysis under this new model will take place in Spring 2019 using the data collected in AY 2018-19 and serve as a new baseline going forward. 
  • Using FCBE's newly-adopted 3-year rotational model for both AACSB & SACS, the next formal CTL of the MA-ECON will occur in AY 2021-22.


(page updated, 10/23/2018)