MA ECON Summary

The MA in Economics at the University of Memphis has two general tracks: an applied track and an academic track, based on individual student needs and interests. Both tracks have a strong history of placing graduates in some of the best PhD programs and top corporations in the world.

Program objectives for the MA in Econommics are: (1) achievement of a solid foundation knowledge in economic theory and economic analysis; (2) acquisition of an advanced level of knowledge in either applied economics or academic economics; (3) acquisition of the quantitative skills to effectively address research problems and the ability to make significant professional contributions as a professional economist or within a functional area of business; and (4) ability to compete effectively for professional positions in the private or public sectors.

Notes on Assessment (MA-ECON):

  • For the purposes of assessment methodology, the MSBA (concentration in Finance) is considered a low-volume program with a need to collect data more frequently to assure a thorough sampling of student achievement.
  • Assessment data is collected on a continual basis with a minimum of each Fall and Spring semester in a given academic year.


(page updated on 3/282/2018)